jds2For more than 25 years I have sought to offer the highest quality service to clients and been prepared to challenge conventional thinking. That approach worked well at Bestinvest, which I founded in 1986. It became one of the most successful companies in the sector and set standards that have now been widely adopted.

I have a vision of how such a business should operate in the 21st century and that’s driven my thinking in creating EQ Investors. Ultimately the answer is simple: it means putting the interests of clients ahead of all other considerations.

Aligning interests

EQ Investors is wholly owned by our staff. This means we can focus on building the business for the long-term, without having to compromise to meet short-term targets from external shareholders, as many of our competitors do.

Following our acquisition of the Truestone wealth management business we already advise clients with assets of some £500 million and have a thriving, profitable business that seeks to achieve more than just financial success.

I’d like to welcome you to EQ and look forward to helping you achieve what you want with your money.

John Spiers
Chief Executive

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Welcome to the EQ Investors home page.  We aim to surprise you with our professionalism, integrity and above all by putting the needs of people ahead of our desire for profit.

Maximising your returns

Growing the value of your portfolio over the long term is our number one priority. The highly qualified EQ investment team scour the world for the best opportunities and we are of a size which allows us to be influential in markets as well as flexible enough to find the hidden gems. EQ Investors is set up to deliver market leading returns to our customers.

The 3D Approach to Investment

3d300Unlike most Wealth Managers, we use a 3D approach to assess your investment needs by checking your approach to Impact as well as your appetite for Risk.


Value for money

Not only do we seek to provide award winning service and performance, we also offer market leading value for money. Compare our charges and see how we measure up on a like for like basis.


As a regulated business EQ’s client advisers and investment managers must have a minimum level of qualifications but we want to go well beyond that. We are Chartered Financial Planners and our investment managers are Chartered Financial Analysts.

Furthermore, our senior management want to stay close to what our clients are saying.  Every single interaction between our staff and clients is summarised and relayed daily to the chief executive. So we really are listening to what you say about our service.

Positive Impact

 EQ_PIP_newsletterFor those investors who care about how and where their money is invested, EQ launched the unique Positive Impact Portfolios in 2012 and these are now also being used by a number of other investment advisers and banks.

These portfolios are not just about selecting investments that do good, they are also about selecting good investments.


Plain speaking

You can contact us in the way you choose at any time, confident in the knowledge you’ll get a quick response from a human who talks your language, not an automated system. When we need to talk to you, we’ll do it on your terms – never wasting your time with unnecessary information or infuriating jargon.

A service level for everyone

We understand that clients have varying preferences, so we are building a range of service packages to suit your preferences, ranging from sophisticated face to face financial planning through EQ Wealth to a low cost investment only solution via EQ Direct. 

Please note that our services are aimed at clients who do not wish to manage their own investments, so if you do then we will not be the right solution.





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